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Drive By Blessings is a 501c3, nonprofit organization that provides furniture and family support to Veterans transitioning from homelessness. Our organization was founded by 2 young boys who were diagnosed with PTSD. They wanted to start a charity that helped homeless Veterans, knowing that it would bring healing into their lives. Their motivation to heal themselves by helping others is the driving force behind all that Drive By Blessings is and does to this day.  An average of 20 Veterans exit area transitional living facilities each month, moving into apartments with nothing to sleep on, sit on, eat with, and risk developing feelings of isolation and depression having been moved away from the support they received surrounded by peers. Drive By Blessings efforts focus not only providing these veterans with a finely and fully furnished home, but also works to provide our Veterans with the emotional support they may need, in order to thrive and remain free from the issues that led to homelessness.

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